About The Wexford

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission: Enriching Lives Everyday

We achieve our Vision through five Success Factors:

Success Factor: Outstanding Care and Service

We address the needs of our clients by:
  • promoting individual independence
  • exceeding expectations
  • ensuring a safe and caring environment
  • caring passionately about what we do and how we do it

Success Factor: Excellent Performance

We manage our resources prudently by:
  • effectively managing our Board-approved budget
  • providing timely, accurate information
  • proactively planning for future capital commitments
  • effectively utilizing our limited resources

Success Factor: Exceptional Team

We show commitment to our team by:
  • creating the opportunity for personal and professional growth
  • recognizing the unique contributions of all staff and volunteers
  • fostering a climate of cooperation and collaborative teamwork
  • being an employer of choice

Success Factor: Creativity and Innovation

We achieve excellence by:
  • being receptive to new ideas and methods of achieving our goals
  • creating a best practice environment
  • pursuing the most current technology and equipment
  • proactively managing risk

Success Factor: Dynamic Partnerships

We reach out and link with others to promote continuity of care by:
  • working with others to facilitate access to the full continuum of care
  • responding to the health care needs of our community
  • creating community outreach programs
  • developing collaborative relationships with all stakeholders


Enriching lives every day

The Mission of The Wexford is:

The Wexford is a vibrant residence rooted in our Scarborough community. We exist  to enrich the lives of the older adults we serve in our seniors’ programs, independent housing and long-term care home.


The Wexford provides residents with person-centred, high quality, safe and compassionate care within their home promoting quality of life, dignity and independence.


The Vision of The Wexford is:

 A strong presence in our community and a preferred seniors’ residence celebrated for our progressive and quality services.


The Core Values of The Wexford are:

    E  Empowering each of us

    Exceptional caring

    C  Committing to our shared goals

    E  Expecting our best performance

    L  Learning and leading together

About The Wexford