How to Donate

Gifts of Cash

The most frequent form of donation is by cash or cheque which provides an immediate benefit to The Wexford, and an instant tax receipt to the donor. Donors may receive a tax credit for any gifts of up to 75% of their annual net income in any one year, and may carry forward any excess for a period of up to five years.

Visa & Mastercard Donations

Supporters of The Wexford Residence Foundation may now use their Visa or MasterCard to make charitable donations to The Wexford Foundation. We are now accessible to all donors through a simple telephone call to (416) 752-8877. The Foundation will honor these credit cards for charitable donations or other activities specifically sponsored by the Foundation.

United Way Donors

Through the United Way Donor Choice Program your donation can be designated to the registered charity of your choice. Friends and supporters of The Wexford Residence Foundation who want to direct their gifts to support our seniors may choose to direct their support to The Wexford Residence Foundation charitable registration number 118820216RR0001. The tenants, residents and ASC members would be grateful for your support.

Special Occasion & Tribute Gifts

These are opportunities for a donor or family to indicate to friends and acquaintances that a fund has been set up at The Wexford to honour someone special, or celebrate a milestone event such as a special anniversary or birthday. The donations can be pooled together and designated toward a program or special purchase for the facility that appeals to the honouree or their family members.

Condolence & Memorial Gifts

Memorial donation cards are available from the front office. They enable you to offer your sympathy to those who have lost a loved one, and for use in honouring the memory of an individual after they have died. These cards can be made available to the funeral home of choice. The family is given a list of all donors of memorial gifts without disclosing the amount of the individual gift. A charitable receipt will be issued for all donations.

Planned Giving

A planned gift refers to any gift that involves a serious financial commitment and is part of a donor’s long-term financial planning considerations. While many people in the field think of a planned gift as a gift that is received after the donor passes away, it is really any gift that involves serious financial planning by the donor. We recommend that any individual planning to make a significant donation to The Wexford consult with his/her own independent financial and estate planning advisor as to the best method for proceeding with this arrangement.


A bequest is a specific provision in your will, directing various estate assets to be given to The Wexford in return for a tax receipt for the full value of the bequest. This receipt can be used to reduce the tax payable on your final tax return. These gifts can symbolize permanent memorials for you, your family or anyone you wish to honour.