Volunteer Stories

Their stories speak of reminiscing with friends, residents and family members on gentle sunny evenings in our wonderful back patio and garden; singing along to sounds of well loved music; sharing jokes and little nuggets of wisdom with everyone who can stop and listen for a few moments. Our volunteers bring a wealth of happiness to everyone who resides at the Wexford and they help make this place a warm and congenial home for all who live here.

“I feel a part of this wonderful community. The people are great and I actually look forward to coming in each Friday morning”

Lorraine Patterson, Volunteer -Gift Shop 8 years
“The socializing gives me a lift. I enjoy watching the smiles and knowing that we make people happy”

Helen Stevens, Volunteer, Line Dancing Instructor 15 years

“There is wisdom in age. I felt wanted and appreciated for my presence.”

Will Holland, Student, Dining Room and Portering 2.5 years


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