Resident Events

There's so much going on at the Wexford that we can't fit it all on the screen! Please click on one of the calendars below to view in Microsoft Word. If you would like to save one of the Event Calendars, simply right-click on the desired file and save it on your computer.

Whole House Programs Calendar
Calendar Size
Sorry, there is no Whole House Programs Calendar. Please check back soon!
Floor 2
Calendar Size
May 2019 461.24kb
March 2019 774.28kb
February 2019 592.65kb
January 2019 777.27kb
Floor 3
Calendar Size
May 2019 464.16kb
March 2019 775.64kb
February 2019 704.30kb
January 2019 770.39kb
Floor 4
Calendar Size
May 2019 460.66kb
March 2019 773.70kb
February 2019 708.69kb
January 2019 779.95kb
Floor 5
Calendar Size
May 2019 463.81kb
March 2019 817.24kb
February 2019 671.67kb
January 2019 828.86kb
Floor 6
Calendar Size
May 2019 462.19kb
March 2019 781.47kb
February 2019 669.96kb
January 2019 842.89kb
Floor 7
Calendar Size
May 2019 462.35kb
March 2019 778.09kb
February 2019 670.35kb
January 2019 780.00kb