Long Term Care


Residents have the option of private rooms, semi-private rooms, and basic (shared) accommodations. Private rooms have their own washrooms. Semi-private rooms consist of a private room with a shared washroom. Shared accommodation means two individuals in the same room, with a shared washroom.

Subsidized accommodation rates are available to those individuals in basic accommodations who qualify. The rates for accommodation are set by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. The rates usually change on July 1st of each year. The current rates are as follows:

Room Daily Rate Monthly
Basic (Share room, share a bathroom) $60.78 $1,848.73
Semi-Private (Own room, share a bathroom) $69.11 $2,102.10
Private (Own room, own bathroom) $79.52 $2,418.74

All rooms are equipped with outlets for telephone service and cable television. Arrangements can be made with Bell Canada or Rogers Cable for service.

Long Term Care