Seniors Apartments

Special Features and Services

  • Each apartment has a fully functioning kitchen with a stove and refrigerator.

  • Each apartment is equipped with an emergency call bell system. When activated, a member of the nursing staff will respond to the call.

  • The Wexford Residence provides sheers for all apartment windows and undertakes the regular washing of the sheers and their replacement as necessary.

  • Four laundry machines and four dryers are available on the lower level. They are for use by the tenants from 12 noon each day. They are all laundry card operated machines. There is a cost to use the machines and you can reload the card on site.

  • Volunteer floor monitors (other tenants) on each floor provide daily contact with the tenants through an established system. This helps ensure that tenants are ok inside their apartments.

  • We do not provide a meal plan to tenants; however, limited breakfast, lunch and dinner are available to purchase as take-out with 48 hours notice.

  • There is also an active Tenant Association. The objectives of the association are to represent the tenants of The Wexford Residence Inc. , work for improvements in all matters of concern to tenants and encourage a sense of community among them.

  • Regular tenant association and general members’ meetings provide a venue for tenants to hear tenant related information; and plan, implement and monitor programs.

Seniors Apartments